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As a Ph.D. A scholar with five years of data analysis expertise, I have a unique blend of academic and practical skills that enable me to extract meaningful insights from massive datasets. I am also a professional freelancer and blogger passionate about data analysis and communication. I aim to increase the accessibility and impact of data analysis by sharing my knowledge and discoveries with various audiences. As a freelance data analyst, I have applied data-driven insights to transform decision-making processes and improve overall performance for my clients. I am driven by my curiosity and eagerness to learn more about the fascinating data analysis field and excel as a top data analyst.

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  • 2017 I successfully achieved my Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree.
  • In 2018 🚀, I embarked upon my freelancing career.
  • In 2019 🎓, I commenced my Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) journey.
  • Throughout my freelancing career, I have accomplished 5000+ projects 📊 in the field of data analysis 📈.
  • In addition to my freelancing endeavors 🚀, I have made significant contributions to academia and professional development. I take pride in publishing 8 research articles 📚 in esteemed national and international journals.
  • Moreover, I have actively pursued continuous learning by undertaking various trainings 🎓, participating in webinars 🌐, and engaging in seminars and workshops 📚👥 to stay abreast of the latest advancements in my field.
  • Having successfully achieved my goals, I am now driven by the desire to share my knowledge with others. In 2023 📅, I enthusiastically commenced my blogging career 📝 with the intent of imparting valuable insights and expertise to a wider audience.

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